Wholesale customers

For Wholesale Customers

The wholesale of martial arts outfits is the main activity of our company. We deal with both Russian and foreign customers. The Amid outfits are competitive in the sportswear market due to their quality and exterior. We guarantee the best consumer properties and long-lasting performance of our outfits if used properly and with due care.

We offer special conditions to our wholesale customers. Minimum online order amount is RUB 30,000. You can also get additional discounts depending on the amount of your order. Discounts depending on the order amount:

  • over RUB 50,000 – 3% discount
  • over RUB 100,000 – 5% discount
  • over RUB 200,000 – 10% discount

Amid highly appreciates its customers and we try to establish good relations with every customer. The main principle of our business is focus on customer. The loyalty system for the wholesale customers includes extra discounts for repeat orders and provision of a portion of order for free as a bonus for our regulars.

We are happy to be partnering with shops, online stores, itinerant traders, sports groups, trainers, clubs, federations, etc. Indicate company name, form of activity, and phone number in your e-mail and we will send you our full price list and the terms and conditions of cooperation.
Wholesale Department:
E-mail –  amidbudo@gmail.com , phone. +7 926 256 0485 +7 495 212 1684;

You can find the Amid product range in the “Catalogue” section on the website. However the prices for wholesale customers will differ from the retail Product prices. To review our price list for wholesale customers, please provide your e-mail in the “Price List Request” form in the top right corner. For more details please kindly contact our sales manager or send an e-mail at info@amid-budo.ru. Our manager will contact you. You can download our retail price . list here.