Guarantee and Return

Guarantee and Return

Amid guarantees the quality of its products and their compliance with the regulations for each type of outfits. Our company is scrupulous about all stages of our business processes, from fabrication and selection of fabrics to direct delivery of orders to customers. We guarantee excellent commercial qualities and consumer performance of the martial arts outfits we make. Feel comfort while doing sports in kimonos, jackets, shorts, wrestling shoes and other outfits by Amid brand. The outfits which adapt to all your movements and withstands the extreme pressure of trainings and fightings will help you to perform better! Therefore, our company guarantees:

  • high product quality
  • regulatory compliance
  • natural fabrics and
  • durability of the outfits.

We value our reputation and make really good outfits under the Amid brand.

Product Return and Exchange.

We recommend our customers to make careful choices and verify order parameters (size and color) before order confirmation. By doing so, return or exchange of products, which always imply extra expenses for delivery and wasting time, will not be necessary.

If necessary, the following exchange and return terms and conditions of our online shop apply to proper quality products. Our exchange and return terms and conditions are in strict compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • You can return proper quality products within seven (7) days from the order delivery date.
  • You can exchange proper quality products within fourteen (14) days from the order delivery date.
  • The products must be kept in ready-for-sale condition – have labels, tags, original packaging unopened, and no defects.
  • The products must be unused (in case of a dispute an expert examination is carried out).
  • The products must not be included in the list of non-food products of good quality which are not subject to return or exchange for similar goods of other size, shape, dimension, style, color or configuration approved by RF Government Decree No. 55 dated January 19, 1998.
  • You must have a document certifying purchase and conditions of product purchase.
  • Money paid for the order will be refunded within ten (10) business days from the date of consumer’s request.

Return and Exchange of Substandard Quality Products

If you check your order upon delivery by the courier and find out any defect you may refuse to enter into the sale and purchase transaction. In such case the seller bears the cost of delivery of such substandard quality products.

If you discover any product defect after delivery the following terms and conditions of return or exchange of substandard quality products will apply:

  • In case there is any product defect you are entitled to contact our company to require return or exchange within fourteen (14) days.
  • The product will be exchanged within seven (7) days upon request. If the product quality review is required the exchange term will extend by twenty (20) days. If at the time of the request the required product is not available the product will be exchanged within one (1) month.
  • The seller bears the cost of delivery in case of return or replacement of any substandard quality Products. We recomment you to refer to transport companies, such as DPD, CDEK or Delovye Linii.
  • Money, including cost of delivery, will be refunded within ten (10) business days from the date of consumer’s request.